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latex paint recycling

An estimated 10 percent of the more than 650 million gallons of architectural paint sold each year in the United States is unused. Post-consumer paint is the largest component of local household hazardous waste collection programs and is costly to manage.

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recycled into new paint

recycled into new paint

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The ReStore of Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley has introduced a new latex paint recyling program that is both greatly beneficial to our community and our environment. Recyclable latex paint is collected by the ReStore crew, mixed locally at the ReStore, and sold at the ReStore too!

Paint Mixing

Upcoming 2018 Paint Collection Events

(please see the details and guidelines below):


For Northampton County residents only:

  • ALL COUNTY Latex Paint Recycling Event
    November 4th  9 am – 12 noon @ The ReStore 1053 Grape Street, Whitehall
    $10 Recycling Fee – 10 gallon limit

For questions about paint donations, please email Dani at

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the benefits of this program are endless!

  • Offers local residents and businesses a resource to responsibly recycle leftover or new latex paint
  • Keeps reusable latex paint out of our waterways and landfills
  • Makes high quality, low cost latex paint easily available for purchase in our community
  • Contributes to funds needed for Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley to continue building homes in our neighborhoods
Volunteers mixing paint

how to get involved

volunteer – volunteers are needed to assist with collection events and mixing latex paint to create “recolor”

donate – latex paint that meets recyclable requirements can be donated at specified locations and dates

educate – tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors… everyone! Share the importance and impact our latex paint recycling has on the community and the future of our environment and families

purchase – you can find our latex paint for sale at our ReStore in Whitehall

recycling process

Latex paint is collected at local paint drives, where Lehigh Valley residents drop off reusable latex paint. Once accepted, latex paint of many colors, varieties, and quantities* are brought back to the ReStore, where it is recycled and transformed into a new resellable product labelled “recolor.” By mixing already tinted paints, as opposed to tinting a base, “recolor” provides excellent coverage and durability.

* There is a 15 gallon limit per vehicle at paint drives. Please refer to the acceptability list for a list of latex paint requirements.

what is ?

The Habitat LV ReStore has partnered with The Paint Exchange, LLC., of Rockland, MA. By using their process at the satellite location in the ReStore, latex paint is recycled into the product, “recolor.” “recolor” is available in over 15 colors and is a superior, high quality latex paint, that can be purchased right off the ReStore shelves.

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100% Recycled Interior Latex Paint

Colors are approximate. Colors will vary by batch.
* Black and Winter White also available in flat and semi-gloss finish

Paint colors