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household donations

If you would like to schedule a pickup of a large donation, please fill out the Donation Form below. Please make sure to include a photo of your donation, to ensure it is an acceptable item and not broken. Our Donation Scheduler will contact you as soon as possible between the hours of 9am-1pm, Tuesday-Saturday to schedule a pickup time and date.

we accept donations for the following departments:

donations we don't accept:

  • Broken or unframed glass or mirrors
  • Glass shower doors
  • Blinds
  • Dishwashers manufactured before 2014
  • Laminate/formica countertops
  • Countertops with cut-outs
  • Children/infant toys or items
  • Electronics and televisions
  • Used or previously installed flooring
  • Used or previously installed roofing material
  • Used or previously installed ceiling tiles
  • Oil-based paint and stain
  • Anything broken or missing parts
  • Anything possibly containing lead paint
  • Mattresses, sofas with pull-out beds, or futons
  • Lumber that is cut, painted, or has nails
  • Clothing
  • Items in disrepair
  • Small countertop kitchen appliances
  • Pots and pans
  • Sporting goods
  • Musical instruments
  • Window screens or sashes without a frame
  • Hazardous liquids or cleaners
  • Recalled products
  • Large entertainment units
  • Incomplete dining sets

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